Training Amc-Genk (klacht)

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Training Amc-Genk (klacht)

Berichtdoor frederico.coelho Di 21 Jun 2016, 15:53

Dear fellow motocrossers, family and friends...

I hardly have the need to express myself in public about events in my life but this time I really feel a strong need to share this feeling that it's consuming most of my thoughts since Saturday 28-05-2016...

This share will have a high cost in return (I think we will get banned for life from our favorite motocross track in Genk - Belgium) but since I was physically and verbally instigated, intimidated, insulted and threatened and my son even pissed on his pants with scare and still asks me everyday why at AMC-Genk they don't like him, I believe this one deserves a got shot. Anyway... I'll do it because I can't handle it anymore and I believe that everyone has the right to know what exactly happen to me and my son at our favorite track in Genk - Belgium.

Quick note, if you really wanna know what happen, read the entire post!!!

Some time ago (maybe years) I went to the Horensbergdam circuit (AMC-Genk) and I arrived there with a fresh repaired bike and saw that I had less than 10 minutes to ride before the one hour break to sidecars and quads. I dress myself really quick and started the bike to go for just one lap and see how the bike behaves and start from there fine tuning.

After that lap I went to the cabin to make my inscription. I was honest and said that I've made one lap and I was severe judged and warned that if I made that again, I would be banned from the circuit. I apologized and promised to never do that again. However I found a bit excessive the behave from the organization...

After some time (maybe months) and some conversations with the organization of the circuit to know if my son (4 years old) could go for a test drive with his pw50 with training wheels on the indoor venture, I was told that I could better go with him to the "start" zone of the circuit. After some time we went there and my son did that! When my son was having his first feelings, I was questioned by the organization about who gave me permission to do that... which I answered... "You"... the aggressive
reply was... "When?"...

I was aggressive advised to stop immediately (which we did) and I then went back to the cabin to clarify and eventually understand what's going on right? Well lucky me... I hit the Jackpot!!! As I got there, there was no willing to speak or even to clarify what happened. I insisted on the conversation and I was highly and severe judged again for the first event, I was considered and insulted as a mentally disable person and the conversation (from the organization side) turned into a discussion. The issue was that I didn't made my son inscription. I recon my simplicity here because I really thought: "It's just a 4 years old kid playing around with training wheels, alone, where there's no one else" even thou I've been in the cabin before my son start riding.

I was yielded and insulted and advised to leave the venture, which I did!

Some time after the second event I went back to the circuit and despite the fact that I still think that the organization overreacted in both events (because I believe people can talk and speak with respect in every situation) I apologized again not only to gain access the track again but also to put a stone over the subject. After all I love the track and go there because of the track and not because of the people that work there.

In April 2016 and after several visits at the circuit and after conversations with the organization, I offer myself as volunteer to help the organization to the maintenance and improvement of the track and let my contact details behind to further contact.

Short time after this the track was modified and the organization didn't posted me or even shoot me an email to go and help and I saw a post on Facebook from the organization, whining and complaining about the lack of volunteers, about unproductive discussions and threatening with more closure days in case there was no additional volunteers and in case the mentality of the users didn't change.

After being surprised with this post, I sent 3 emails to the organization and none of them were replied!!!

By the end of May, my brother-in-law came from Portugal to visit us and we decided to visit the track, not only because I was constantly speaking about how nice and awesome the track was but also because I wanted him to test it and drive on it.

Immediately at the cabin to proceed with our inscription (yes, I would never delay the inscription anymore) my brother-in-law went to the toilet and I pick up the papers to start writing our names and addresses and that kind of stuff and I heard a voice shouting and screaming but I kept doing my business (my education neutralizes me against discussions) but that voice didn't stopped till I look back and saw that the shouting was against my son (5 years old) because (I honestly didn't notice) he was with his feet on the plastic chairs of the venture. Even my brother-in-law that was at the toilet came forward to see what was going on because he heard a lot of screaming. I didn't reply to the person and kindly told my son that he can't put his feet on the chair.

Take a quick note here... I'm talking about the same plastic chairs where everyone can seat (me included) after training with dirty pants and clothing and at the place where is very usual getting dirt after training. The riders among us that use the track know very well what I'm talking about.

Honestly I didn't like at all that my son (5 years old) was shouted and treated like he had committed a crime just because he was with his shoes at the chair, not only because we are talking about a little child but also because we are not talking about a formal and clean setting, but I didn't reply and kept my mouth shut to avoid "unproductive discussions".

In the same afternoon the rest of us joined us at the track and we were 7 persons in total. Me and my brother-in-law went to the track some times, my daughter also ride with her 80cc and my little boy practiced with his training wheels and I did like nothing occurred in that morning.

After some practice we went all together to the cabin to have a drink and we waited to order stuff to everyone. After a while we order drinks to everyone and my sister noticed immediately that the person who was working there was not happy either to be there or to serve us, my girlfriend noticed the same and after a quick briefing among us we concluded that we were the problem because they all noticed
that the unfriendly and the unhappiness from that person was just against us and not against everyone else.

Guys... for the first impression to someone who's for the first time at the track, this is definitely not the right way! I think!

Because no one felt welcomed at the venture, we packed our stuff and left! My family felt completely out of comfort!

On the 31th of May, one of my friends Boy van Geleen shared the very same old post of the organization where I didn't resist and replied to the post basically saying what I just wrote above and adding that my brother-in-law also mentioned that "you can't demand respect, you have to earn it" and I also wrote that the organization have to look to itself first before complaining about mentality of the users, because in my opinion users reflect the organization itself. I explained what happen on the other day and concluded with saying that that's not the way of treating a young boy (5 years old) and that I was curious to know how they would treat an adult on that case because with little children, and in my opinion, they were far from being reasonable.

Guess what I hit the Jackpot again... not long after that, I could see and feel myself and in person how they treated me!!!

Honestly I was expecting some friction on conversation but I was also expecting an apology for the succeeded with us the other day! WRONG!!!

I entered the venture to make inscription to my son so that he could go ride and practice to quit his training wheels and I was immediately advised that I didn't need to waste my time and paper because I was not allowed to make any inscription... and I asked why, obviously!

The person who shout and yell at my son came forward and in a very uneducated and aggressive manner and shouted that I've made her look ridiculous on Facebook and how did she had treated my son as a criminal? I replied saying that it was all true she shouted at my son, that that's not a reasonable way to talk to a 5 years old child and that even my brother-in-law heard on the toilet that something was going on and that we all felt not welcome that day!

The talk here became very aggressive and uneducated from the part of the organization and I just kept saying in normal and respectful manner that that's not how you talk to a 5 years old boy... over and over again...

The organization shouted at me that I had to present my excuses and apologies and after that I was banned for two times before I can ride again at the circuit in Genk. I replied politely and educated that I didn't agree with that decision because, and again, that's not how you talk to a 5 years old child.

I was shouted again to leave the venture immediately and that I was not welcome anymore! I asked again and politely if they really believed that they were being reasonable, because and again, in my opinion that's not the way adults should talk to a little boy.

At this time another person from the organization came in my direction in a very aggressive and threatening style and when he was instigating and intimidating me physically (lucky me I'm an educated person) shouted on my face to leave the venture IMMEDIATELLY!!!!

This was the time when my child pissed on his pants and got so frightened that he didn't open his mouth anymore that day! We packed our stuff and left!

My son even felt asleep on our way back home because he was in shock with what he just have saw and presented. This is serious stuff guys!

Till today, and like I wrote before, even after saying to my son that "they" didn't have nothing against him and that "they" don't like me, he keeps asking everyday why "they" don't like him...

This is exactly why I wrote this post, to expose the truth and what happened at my favorite track in Genk - Belgium and how adults are treated!

Make no mistake about this, I'm not trying to make black sheep from them, I just want to build some awareness about what's going on with the organization regarding their whining and complaining because of their threatening of more closure days from being tired of the mentality of the users. In Portugal we use to say that if you don't want to be a wolf, don't wear their cloth but in this case I would say that if you don't want to look “ridiculous” (using her own words) then don't behave like such! And honestly if you are tired... then leave the management to someone more competent!

And I apologize! I apologize from my mistakes! I apologize from being user of the track! I apologize from expose things as they are! I apologize from promoting the track with friends and family. I apologize from being polite and educated! I apologize from the tips and the emails I've sent to the organization! I apologize from not keeping my mouth shut! I apologize from maybe never ride again at my favorite track! I apologize from being instigated, intimidated, insulted and threatened physically and verbally! I apologize from having now a traumatized little boy at home!

In resume, I apologize from my apologies and to myself for maybe banning myself from my favorite circuit!

Carpe Diem!

Frederico Coelho Sr.
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